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Safety culture :

The aerospace industry has developed a strong safety culture over the decades.

This type of organization, which is inherently risk-averse, has developed processes and tools for a long time, enabling them to guarantee a maximum level of security.
High-risk sectors such as: spaceflight, nuclear, aeronautics have an obligation to integrate human factor management in the form of: Crew Resource Management (CRM) in the training of all personnel, including flight crews.

Our expertise in the field of airline pilot training, today allows us to be at the forefront of these steps, we can adapt them to your industry and your company.

Our aeronautical expertise serving your company:

The solutions used in air transport are probably transposable or adaptable to your sector of activity.Many studies show that human factors have a key influence on business safety and economic performance.After a first audit, we will offer you work paths, developed with the help of your staff.
Seminars or training for human factors suited to your needs are usually set up after the audit phase.
Staff reception is extremely favourable because it was introduced by line pilots outside your structure.We do not propose a ‘magic’ solution,
but we are designing VOS solutions with you on the basis of the latest innovations in the aeronautics world.

Feedback is a process of collecting and analysing events, incidents and accidents. This is an essential element of the global monitoring system (Monitoring System) aimed at continuously improving the operation of an airline and at building confidence in our clients, employees and civil society.This awareness of the risk among all personnel is a continuing concern for improving flight safety.Our procedures are references in this area and we propose to adapt them to your activity.

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